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At home in hospitals throughout the world

Based on more than 40 years of experience in the surgical equipment industry, we continue to offer products that
are the tools of choice for surgeons across the globe. Under the umbrella of adeor™, we offer a portfolio of  state
of the art equipment, focused on applications in neurosurgery and gynecology. We develop our products in
close cooperation with leading surgeons, resulting in products which deliver on our four key principles:
Targeted innovation. No compromise on product safety. Improved efficiency of medical procedures. Improved product ergonomy.

Areas of expertise

We currently manufacture and sell our products in the following three business segments: 
Neurosurgery (80%), Gynecology (15%) and Vascular Surgery (5%).

Geographical markets

As part of our global strategy, we have created regional partnerships in Europe, Asia, North- and South America, Australia and Africa
in order to bundle local market insights, facilitate regional commercial and strategic partnerships and accelerate the regional rollout of our products.

adeor medical products are approved in a significant number of international medical markets.