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PRODUCT Brainlab Airo




Mobile Intraoperative CT


Airo is ideal for cranial, spine and trauma procedures, designed to function inside existing O.R. Suites. High CT image quality increases surgeon confidence and supports advanced minimally invasive surgery.

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Airo® provides full Hounsfield soft tissue imaging that offers better definition for the spine. This expands clinical decision-making for cranial and other surgical procedures as well. The scan volume of D 50 x 100cm allows surgeons to image the entire spine in a single scan and to visualize more anatomical context than 3D C-arms.


·  Full Hounsfield soft tissue imaging

·  Scan volume of D50 x 100cm

·  Suitable for cranial, spinal and trauma imaging






Innovative design intelligently combines the largest gantry opening on the market with a slim gantry and small footprint. The gantry houses custom components including an X-Ray tube, 32-slice helical scan detector array, high-voltage generator, air-cooling system and built-in battery pack.


Total integration of the O.R. table offers fixed correlation between patient and scanner resulting in reproducible imaging.


·  Extra-large bore size (107cm)

·  Extra-small footprint (1,5m²)

·  Extra-slim patented gantry design (30.5 x 38cm)

·  Fully integrated Trumpf TruSystem 7500 surgical table system

·  O.R.-optimized patented air cooling system

·  Standard power connection (one phase 100-240V)






Suspension-controlled, the Airo electrical drive system features a solo central wheel for compact maneuvering. Equipped with user-friendly control software, even one person can easily move Airo from O.R. to O.R. The front-view safety camera ensures stress-free portability.


·  Electrical powered central wheel

·  Single-operator maneuverability

·  Front-view camera supports safe motion

·  Travel through standard doors and into elevators




The compact Airo system pendant controls everything. During procedures, surgeons and staff program imaging with laser alignment and dose display from the detachable and user-friendly Airo touch screen. Movement and maintenance are also swift and steady with the Airo handheld system controller commanding transport, daily calibration and system maintenance.


·  Controls imaging, laser alignment, dose display

·  Controls room-to-room transport

·  Controls daily calibration

·  Controls system maintenance




Versatile Surgical Setup


Fully adaptable, Airo moves into a variety of procedural setups for cranial, spine and trauma cases. The extra-large gantry opening expands intraoperative surgical value and even accommodates spinal positioning frames.


·  Cranial prone, supine and sitting positions

·  Spinal setup combined with C-arm

·  Spinal positioning frames supported

·  Spinal prone and lateral positions





Communication between Airo and Curve™ makes connection to Brainlab image guided surgery systems swift, image transfer automatic, and the merging of pre- and intraoperative scans a snap.


·  Automatic image transfer to Brainlab IGS

·  Reproducible automatic image registration

·  Data synchronization to PACS and on to Quentry®